Fox Shock Bushings for 15-16 RZR 900

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  1. Fox Shock Bushing kits For 2015 -2016 RZR 900 "s" how do I order them
    • select either 15 rzr 900 or 16 rzr 900-1000"s" from the polaris shop page . click options and they will be there . I did edit this post because they will not fit 17 models , XC or 50" fox edition
  2. Will these fit a 2014 rzr 900xp with Fox shocks or do you make those? Tired of the squeaky bearings lol.
    • Sorry James, they will not fit. Your Fox Shocks come with a spherical bearing that needs taken apart & greased, they don't have bushings.
      • Ok. I know they have a bearing; however people are replacing these bearings with bushings. I hoped you all made them because I have had great service from your a arm bushings. I will order from another place. Thanks for the response.
  3. By replacing that spherical bearing with a solid bushing you are binding your suspension & they will be prone to failure. Never a good idea, that’s why we don’t make them
  4. I have a 2015 XP 1000 Desert Edition which came from Polaris with upgraded A-arms. Do you have a set of bushings to fit this car?

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