General Assembly Instructions

Clean all inside surfaces with  A good degreaser such as Simple Green or Equivalent .

Installation :

  1. Remove A-arm ,shocks or bearing carrier from machine .
  2. Clean and inspect arm for dents , damage and debris.  If damaged , replace the arm
  3. Install  BOTH  bushings in the Arm , shock eye or carrier .
  4. Grease the pivot sleeve to be installed as well as the INSIDE of the bushings
  5. Stand component on end on the work bench (see illustrations below)
  6. Place a soft towel or cloth on workbench to avoid damage to the bottom bushings
  7. Tap the Pivot sleeve down thru the bushings with a rubber  dead blow hammer .
  8. Re-install arm or carrier on the machine.  Torque bolt to factory specs
  9. Fill arms with grease AFTER !!  they are installed on the machine.  This is to keep water from leaking in through the grease fitting.  VERY IMPORTANT !!  If you have no grease fittings . This step is not required.  Maintenance not required after this.

If you need assistance,  Call BEFORE  you install.